Batteries included.

Complete software solution deployed in the Cloud.


BuildKit secures your environment with state of the art AES encryption powered by Auth0.

Higly customizable

Full support for Docker Compose 2.0 makes building complex development environments a breeze.

Ready to go

Pre-made BuildKits give you a fully featured CRUD app in one click. Just bring your ideas.

Cross platform

Start working on a desktop and continue on a Chromebook, your environment works wherever you do.

Development Tools

Everything you need to build the next killer app is right here, on BuildKit.

  • Use Docker & Docker Compose for tooling and production.
  • BuildKit secures your tools, you just login.
  • Demo your app to the world, or connect IoT gadgets.
  • Have a team? Let them in on the fun.
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Full Docker Support

At BuildKit we want you to feel at home, so we give you Docker & Docker Compose. You've got the power.

  • Use Docker Compose to build your stack.
  • Add code editor and DB management, it's all Docker!
  • Or just find a BuildKit that has what you need.
  • A BuildKit includes everything: tools, servers and code.
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"Undo" Your Environment

It's easy to undo a document, why not the whole dev environment? Feel confident to innovate, with BuildKit snapshots.

  • Fully portable workspaces including Docker containers and configuration.
  • Start, Stop, Restart or Clone your environment.
  • Share projects with data, tools and settings.
  • Take a snapshot anytime, one click brings you back in time.
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BuildKit Market

Hit the ground running by starting with a BuildKit


Shorter Setup Time


Faster Team Onboarding


Less Maintenance

Our pricing

Pay for what you use with our flexible monthly plans

$10 /mo
billed monthly
One running project
Docker & Docker Compose
One-click BuildKit cloning
Able to join a team
$50 /mo
billed monthly
Everything in DEV, including:
Four running projects
Invite up to 3 devs
Project snapshots
$100 /mo
billed monthly
Everything in PRO, including:
Up to 10 running projects
Invite up to 50 devs
Daily backups

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